How to Lose Weight during the Holiday Season

how-to-lose-weight-not-gain-gaining-weight-holidaysHoliday season is fast approaching and this is the time where losing weight is almost impossible for many people. Parties, celebrations and family gatherings last for days and this can be difficult to avoid especially if you have large circle of friends.
Holiday cookies at the office, cakes from neighbors and home cooked food from your parents are tempting at every hour and gaining weight at the end of the holiday season is common. Weight gain is easy, however burning all those excess fat is difficult and take weeks to lose it again.
Is it possible to enjoy the holiday without indulging oneself from food? The answer is yes. The key to enjoy your family gathering at the same time appreciate the food on the table is to practice portion control. This is the secret for weight control during and after the holiday season.
You can eat what you want during the season but the important aspect you need to put in mind is the quantity of food you are putting inside your body. Overindulging in foods is the contributor of weight gain. Here are things you can do to avoid overindulgence.
Control alcohol intake
Alcohol is part of every celebration but to effectively avoid over-eating and gaining few pounds, avoid alcohol as much as possible. Once glass of alcohol contains much unwanted calories and this can contribute to weight gain.
Control is important when you are trying to maintain your weight but this is very hard when you are drinking too much alcohol. The more you drink, the less control you have over the food you eat.
Avoid Hunger
Another trick that can help keep excess weight off is arriving at parties not feeling hungry. Drink water or juice before joining a party to make your stomach feeling full. Plan your meal ahead such as eating banana or watermelon as snack before the dinner party. Even before putting food on your plate, drink one glass of water. It is good for your stomach also.
Be selective with desserts
Sweets and other desserts are tempting because it fulfills our craving for sugar. However, being selective with what sweets to eat will cut your calorie consumption.
Choose only dessert that appeal to you most and leave the rest behind. You can also do sampling or desserts tasting as long as you know how to manage. Know yourself and see which technique is more effective to you.
Take a walk
Take a simple few minutes’ walk before you let yourself into the food department or once the party is over. Walk for a few blocks with family or friends before heading back to home. This will help burn excess calories for the day.
Use small plates
When dinner is buffet type, pick a small plate so you can limit your intake. Moreover, do not over-stacking your food and choose simple food. Fruits, salads or shrimp cocktail are few of the things that you can indulge in.
Be conscious with tasting while cooking
If you will spend most of your time in the kitchen during the holiday season, be conscious when tasting food you cook.
You may notice losing appetite after cooking and this is because you are full from tasting different kinds of food in the kitchen. When tasting, opt for a maximum of two spoons to avoid unwanted calories.
Refocus your attention
Celebration and family gathering are very much connected to foods but you can redirect your focus to social purposes and making connection. When you are able to redirect your goal, you will not spend time struggling with what food to eat instead conversing with relatives more. This will ease the conflict of eating and not gaining weight.
Chew slowly
Eating too fast will lead to overindulgence because you will only feel full later after eating too much. Chewing slowly will delay the filling of food on your plate as well as promoting better digestion.
Maintain your workout schedule
Dieting is not enough to keep excess weight away for the holidays. As much as possible, keep your workout schedule as normal as possible or if your schedule is tight, make time to do at least 30 minutes of cardio at home. Active activities such as hiking or cycling can also help burn calories throughout the week.
Carry healthy snack on hand
If you are unsure of the food being served at the party, you can either bring your own healthy food or carry with you a healthy snack for dessert. This will keep you from getting tempted with high caloric food served during celebrations.
Maintaining your current weight or trying to lose weight is not easy but at the same time not impossible to achieve. You need to know what to do and prepare in advance about healthy alternatives you can practice during the holiday season.