Get Back in Shape in Just Few Simple Steps

scones-100x100It is the months of the year where you see a lot of foods everywhere but the question is how are you going to lose those extra pounds in just a simple, non-hassle ways? New year is just around the corner and many people are desperate to get in shape and improve their health but they have a hard time maintaining their healthy routine that is suitable for them. A lot of people asked me for an advice and I have pointed out some tips that I practiced regularly. Some people find it convenient and easy, therefore I decided to share this with the world and hope that it can help anyone in some ways. Nothing feels great than to be able to help people who needs help.
Why would you force yourself to run a marathon if you hate running? The tip for success is to do something that you love. Evaluate yourself and find the things that you love doing the most. Do you like swimming? Dancing? Martial arts sport? Any activities that are suitable for you can greatly benefit your physical fitness. As a matter of fact, doing something you love can most likely be part of your daily routine and you will stick with it.
Even if you undergo an intensive workout for the whole week and stop the next week will not help you with any positive results.  Exercising during the first few weeks can be tiring and requires a lot of commitment and consistency but once exercise has become part of your daily lifestyle, your weight will easily lose in just few days. I have witness many people who are not fond of exercise but made it as part of their lifestyle, and the result was amazing!
I would always advice people who tried to lose weight to record everything they eat and their weight progress. If you do this, you will be surprise at how your food diary will reveal how much calories you have eaten. When you are aware of how many calories you consumed, you can burn the same amount of calories through exercise and workouts. Weight loss is not about starving yourself but it is more on eating wisely. Eat whatever you want as long as it is in moderate amount and you are committed to burn those extra calories in your body.
Skipping meals are bad for your health and can worsen the situation. Most people nowadays tend to skip breakfast because they are too busy to prepare meals in the morning. This is wrong. Eating breakfast not only giving you the full nutrients your body needs, it also helps you feeling full throughout the day. The same thing goes with lunch and dinner and mild, healthy snacks in between the meals. Added to this, skipping meals can lead to binge eating and eating in a bulk amount of food afterward due to hunger. Skipping meals are not advisable to people who want to lose weight.
Instead of go for an intensive workouts, try a smaller workout in order to make your brain get used to it/ A minimum of 20 to 30 minutes workout daily or three times a week  can do wonders to your body. Gradually, your body will not feel much soreness unlike the intense workout and this can help your body muscle to build and recover immediately. Make this as part of your routine (or intervals) and gradually increase the intensity if you feel your body is getting used to the exercise routine.
Our body is not a machine that works 24 hours. It also needs a rest day in order for your body system to fully recover and build up. You can set a day where you can completely rest from any physical or mental work. I would suggest on Sunday where it is often considered as family day. Set this time away from work stress or physical activity. Instead spend time with your family and keep away from anything that could make your brain and body strain.
Drink water before and after you exercise, every morning you wake up and before you go to bed. Water is vital for your overall health. Do not wait until your body tells you it is thirsty. Bring a bottle of water everywhere you go. Water can also keep you away from unnecessary cravings and temporarily soothe your stomach if you are hungry. Make sure to keep your body balance with water and electrolytes before working out.
I hope these are helpful tips for you. I have tried these and I am still applying these in my daily life. All I can say is that it works for good! Motivate yourself even if you don’t feel like doing it and along the way you will make some positive progress.