About me

Good day! Thanks for dropping by. My name is Syndy Williams (Syndy with an S not C, LOL!), 90% of people spelled my name incorrectly but I forgive them anyway. I am from Pennsylvania, USA. I have been to many countries in Europe and Southeast Asia but still love to be here in the USA with my families and relatives because they are my constant reminder of who I am and how I am loved.
You can say that I am quite an average person you passed by every day on the street. I have graduated from college a few years back, found a good job, stayed in a good rented house where I can call my home and basically live my own life peacefully. What makes me different is my journey in life. I have been battling with weight problem after college and everything seems hopeless and restless.
To cut the story short, I decided to make a change and spent half of my money to a personal trainer and nutritionist as my starting point. Ever since my life has changed, thanks to those people who helped me with the first step – I no longer need a personal trainer and life has been nothing but good to me.
Living a healthy lifestyle is still an ongoing process for me. It is a lifelong commitment. All you need to do is take the first step like I did. Now, I am spreading the positive vibes to all who struggles with a weight problem. Be positive!